Answered Prayer

This week I found something in Psalm 22 that I had not thought of before. As you read through the first 21 verses, King David pours his heart out to the Lord because of his troubles. He describes how bad things were during all those verses but asks the Lord to deliver him from them all. But then at the end of verse 21, the NKJV rightly sets apart the last phrase: “You have answered Me.” That single phrase has held my attention all week.

Among several other specific answers to our family’s prayers, God answered one in particular today. Earlier in the week, a “customer” stole a car from our pre-owned inventory. Even though jokes were made about it, it was a difficult situation because the car had recently been traded in and the title had not finished being transferred at the time the theft happened. That’s not good. That day, I asked God to bring the car back.

This afternoon one of the salesmen announced that the car had been found! The funny part was that the thief ran out of gas but couldn’t figure out how to open the locking door to the gas tank. From what we could tell, he attempted but failed to pry the fuel door open with a screw driver. Having no success, he left the car alongside the road. Thankfully, the police found the car and returned it today.

“You have answered Me.”
Psalm 22:21b

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