Another Reason to Abstain from Alcoholic Beverages

Even if the Bible didn’t contain strong admonitions against drinking “strong drink,” the following article exerpt would be enough to keep me away from the bottle.

Scott Stapp contemplated committing suicide sometime in 2003 after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. According to Rolling Stone he was convinced that anyone involved with Creed wanted him dead so he would become a “Kurt Cobain martyr-type” and increase record sales. “I had crazy thoughts going through my head,” he said. However, he decided against suicide upon seeing a photo of his son just as he had the gun held to his head.

With the amount of bad thoughts, actions, and accidents that happen because of drinking, why would I want to start?

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2 thoughts on “Another Reason to Abstain from Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Rodmaster

    I have had this debate with many people. I am for clear teaching on what the Bible and Jesus say about drinking alcohol. I think it is a diservice to Believers to be told/taught that one can NEVER have a drink. When leadership teaches that alcohol is evil…I have a problem. Principly speaking, it is the source of ALOT of problems. However, at the root, it is not allowing the Spirit to control that becomes the problem. Many things in out life can become out of balance…and take up our hearts and mind…alcohol was one of them.

    With that said, I don’t drink. I will advise my children to avoid alcohol. Not because they will be in sin if they have a beer, but because of the danger it poses. Just as I will tell them not to smoke, not to let vanity, athletics, relationships, pride, video games, and a mirade of other influences to take hold of their hearts.

    I want the Spirit to lead their actions, not misplaced guilt over church imposed guidelines.

    Now that I stop and put my comments in context with this issue and the prom comments, I want you to understand I am not anti-rules or have gone liberal, but I chafe a bit at some of my upbringing that has used guilt to motivate me.

  2. Andy Rupert

    I’ve struggled through the same issue, Jay. For me, the big deal is what you brought up. Am I allowing something other than the Spirit to control my actions? There is too much evidence in the Bible about the negative effects of alcohol. And when you add to them this example, it makes me evern more leery of taking the first drink.

    For some, the issue is cut and dry. They believe that wine was different than what we drink today. Historical records (linked in article) point toward wine being mixed with water and much less potent, back then. I think that is true. But even Jesus spoke about wine bursting old wine skins. So, we have to admit that there was fermentation of some sort at the time.

    When I look at the warnings against strong drink and drunkenness in the Bible, I have enough reason to not drink. And when I consider those whom I would influence by even one or two beers, I’m even more urged to not take the first sip.

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