Team Work

When Nebuchadnezzar’s wisemen were unable to “recall” and interpret his dream, the king commanded that all the wisemen be killed (see Daniel 2). As this was taking place, Daniel pleaded with the king for more time. That night, the Lord gave Daniel the dream and it’s interpretation. The king got what he desired and the rest of the wisemen escaped the death sentence.

While Daniel is the hero of the story and the one to whom God gave the answer, a small detail is often overlooked when recounting the events of that day. Daniel had the help of his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. Before taking the matter to God himself, Daniel asked his friends to begin praying as well (Dan. 2:17-18). As they sought God’s mercies, Daniel’s prayer was answered.

The point is that the spiritual battles we face needn’t be faced alone. When confronted with a dilemma, wouldn’t it be nice to know three others whom you could trust to bring your request before the Lord? Yes, it would. But to get to that place—where you can share your heart with other believers—it will take time building relationships and earning the trust and respect of the other people.

For Daniel, this had already taken place. He and his three friends had bonded when they agreed not to defile themselves at the beginning of their training. That event was the beginning of a life long friendship that came in very handy when Daniel needed prayer support. That is something worth having, but is also something that will take work.

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