Prophecy leads us to trust God

Prophecy reveals much about the future, but it doesn’t reveal everything. … We do not and cannot know everything about the future. We are to believe what God has revealed and trust Him for ther rest. He lets us see enough to assure us that all time, including our times, are in His hand and in His control.

Michael P. V. Barrett, God’s Unfailing Purpose: The Message of Daniel, (Greenville: Ambassador, 2003), 42.

Barrett gives 2 Kings 7 as an example of this idea. When Elisha prophesied that the famine stricken city would soon have an abundance of food and that the unbelieving official would not get any of it, he didn’t give all the details. If the city official had known that he would soon be trampled by a city full of hungry people, he might have done things a little differently. But he didn’t know that and chose not to believe what he did know. The point of Barrett’s post (and ultimately of all prophecy) is that we need to believe what God says and trust him to do what is best. That’s where true peace comes from.

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