The Christian, Government, and Tea Parties

After I expressed interest in Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy, I suddenly became the target of every fund raising campaign remotely connected with Ron Paul. The emails attempted to pull me out of my arm chair and into the fight against all that was taking my freedoms away from me. All it would take is either my voice or my money. To be honest, I do appreciate the fact that people are watching the capitol closely and pointing out problems. Our current constitution gives us the right to do such things. And as a citizen of the United States, I see the importance of guarding our freedoms. But how far should a Christian go in such matters?

The more I read about the Tea Parties and certain conservative activists, the less I want to be a part of them. They seem to be more interested in their “rights” than promoting the gospel as the real answer to societal and governmental problems. “If we only had a conservative Messiah, then … !” What they tend to leave out of the equation is the need for every heart to be transformed by God through faith in Jesus. Without this key ingredient, such libertarian or other conservative views seem empty.

As I have been reading through the prophecy of Daniel, this has been underscored. Both Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Dan. 2) and Daniel’s (Dan. 7) point toward the future goal of God’s eternal kingdom ruled by Jesus himself. This is what Christians ought to be longing for! Should we speak out against abuses of government? Yes. Should we fight to keep our constitutionally guaranteed rights intact? Yes. But all of that pales in comparison to the goal of preparing every man for the future. Truthfully, my hope doesn’t rest on the overturning of our current government. Instead, I am looking forward to the reign of the perfect King in his perfect time. And until that happens, my goal is to point people toward him because he is the only permanent answer to the world’s problems.

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