Have you ever tried to play an off-tune instrument? It’s enough to drive you crazy! My 1970 Wilson classical guitar had become one of those. It just never sounded right no matter how well I tuned it. I generally tune it to the piano in our living room and then fine tune it by ear. That usually works well but recently, it’s been bad enough that I’m not really interested in pulling it out.

Last Saturday, I took the time to watch some of the guitar videos on this blog. Air on a G string is one of my favorites. I have the tablature for it and have been trudging through it the last few months. So, with the video going I decided to play along with the performer. Yikes! My guitar was about two notes off tune. What was going on?

Apparently, the problem was not my guitar. It was the piano in our living room. Not having been tuned in a good while, it really wasn’t the best thing to tune to. So, I did a quick search on the internet and found an online tuner for guitar. Nice! After a few seconds tuning, I was back in tune and happily trudging through the piece again.

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