Our Week at Peniel Bible Camp

Last week, Sharon and I served at Peniel Bible Camp’s Junior 1 week. Sharon was a cook and I was a counselor. Billy, my assistant counselor, and I had nine 3rd-4th grade boys in our cabin. That may sound like a lot until you find that there were up to 14 campers in the girls’ cabins. It was a good week and well worth the time spent.

Each night Billy and I used the Bridge tract with the boys in our cabin to point out their need to be reconciled with God through Jesus. I think it was Thursday night after Billy had completed his presentation that I felt led to speak some more about Proverbs 14:12. So often people have the idea that they are seeking God his way when they are actually walking in the opposite direction. Sadly, when most people discover their error, it will be too late.

Yes, we were tired by the end of the week, but hearing two Bible messages a day was a good experience. Just being under the ministry of the Word of God for five days was worth the time spent. It was like a spiritual cleansing for me — not just for the campers.

Cabin 5 singing the theme song in the Main Lodge

Cabin 5 singing “Jesus Paid it All” at the Mission Outpost

Junior 1 Counselors

Jefferson’s cabin

Cabin 5 at the fishing dock near the Main Lodge

Cabin 5 eating in the Main Lodge

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