Almost Done!

It’s been a while since a friend and I patched the back room’s roof. While that solved the major leak at the end of the roof, it didn’t fix a small one. But no matter how many times I patched what I thought was the problem, it never completely fixed the problem. So, last week during a rain storm, I walked out on our roof and watched the gutter and downspout. Sure enough, it was a clogged downspout. Water was pouring over the end of the gutter causing more damage each time.

Another leak in the front porch roof was the lesser of the two evils, but it still was a frustration. A couple rows of roll roofing patched it last fall but high winds one day blew them off somehow. So, in the past 8 days, I repaired the patch and installed two squares of shingles over the patch. Thankfully, the kids and I got almost the whole job completed.

To get the job done right, I used foam knee protectors and a massive Estwing framing hammer I had picked up at a sale at Joughin’s hardware here in Painesville. It did the job on the shingles and on my hand. I popped a blister before I knew I had one yesterday!

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