Why are sacrifices reinstituted during the millennial kingdom?

This quarter, the adult Sunday School classes are studying the book of Ezekiel. This is not always the easiest book to understand. For instance, why are the sacrifices reinstituted during the millennial kingdom? Today’s lesson brought this question to mind after studying chapters 40-46. At the time Ezekiel recorded these prophetic messages, Jesus had not yet been born, had not yet died as the perfect Lamb of God, not had his once-for-all sacrifice been understood as it is explained in Hebrews 9-10. To his original readers, the resumption of animal sacrifices was nothing more than the continuing of what the Law required. But to us who have placed our faith in the completed sacrifice of Christ, the reoccurence of the sacrifices seems completely unnecessary. So, what’s the deal?

Most premillennial scholars agree that the purpose of animal sacrifice during the millennial kingdom is memorial in nature. As the Lord’s Supper is a reminder of the death of Christ to the Church today, animal sacrifices will be a reminder during the millennial kingdom. To those born during the millennial kingdom, animal sacrifices will again be an object lesson. During that future time, righteousness and holiness will prevail, but those with earthly bodies will still have a sin nature, and there will be a need to teach about how offensive sin is to a holy and righteous God. Animal sacrifices will serve that purpose, “But in those sacrifices there is a reminder of sins year by year” (Hebrews 10:3).

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