What if politicians were payed based on their performance?

The Obama Administration has floated proposals that would allow the government to determine and cap pay for corporate executives. Congressmen like Barney Frank have even suggested that the government’s powers to intervene and establish pay scales should extend beyond companies receiving federal aid through TARP. All of this sudden interest in pay-for-performance from our elected officials got me thinking about how noble it would be if our government leaders led by example and agreed to be compensated along the same pay-for-performance philosophy. Here are a few suggested guidelines to start the dialogue. Senators and congressmen seem like a good place to begin.

Dave Anderson in Pay Politicians Based on Performance!

I like the way Anderson thinks on this issue. If politicians are so concerned about financial consistency, the next step is doing it themselves. In the rest of his article, Anderson gives five suggestions as to how they could start the process. Read them here. You might find yourself nodding your head very quickly.

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