Bogus Bagel

There I was this morning in the main office, eyeing the bagels some kind soul had brought to work. What a thoughtful person! I love bagels … especially when they’re warm with a touch of butter. But there was no tub of butter available today. Instead, there were three small tubs of cream cheese. The one that caught my eye looked like strawberry flavored cream cheese. Ooh la la! I had brought in bagels a few weeks back along with a strawbeery tub of cream cheese. So, I knew how good that could be. Add to that the already good taste of the blueberry bagel I had instinctively grabbed. Mm Mmmm….

After spreading the cream cheese on both sides of the bagel, I smashed them together before taking a big bite. Mm Mmmm … hmmm? That wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Was that bacon flavored? What was that? Oh … yuck! I didn’t know they made that flavor! Take it from me. From now on, I’ll read the label first. Blueberry bagels and salmon flavored cream cheese just don’t go together!

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2 thoughts on “Bogus Bagel

  1. Katrina

    Watch Out! Pumpkin is a seasonal flavor that you might encounter.

    I usually chose the honey walnut or the garden vegetable spreads.

    Here's a list from Bruegger's Bagels:


    Light Plain

    Garden Veggie

    Light Garden Veggie

    Bacon Scallion

    Honey Walnut


    Light Herb Garlic

    Onion & Chive

    Smoked Salmon


    Olive Pimiento


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