New Job!

I’ve been working for Leikin Volvo as a salesman for the past 1½ years. It has been a good job but full of ups and downs as you would expect in this economy. To help boost my presence on the internet, I designed a website to showcase the cars that I was able to sell. That was an enjoyable project and has proven helpful to me and my customers. Later, when I began distributing a magnet business card with Andy emblazoned across the top, my co-workers started calling me, “Andy Rupert dot com.” (They even page me over the intercom as Andy now!) Even so, that all came in handy recently when the internet manager position became vacant. After several discussions with my manager and some of the others, I was interviewed and offered the job!

I started my new position Wednesday and have been very busy trying to get a handle on my new responsibilities. They involve maintaining the old and future websites as well as managing internet leads given to the salesman in the three showrooms at our dealership. It’s a good job but let me tell you that it takes lots of time. There was, however, time this morning for me to record a video of Trenton singing about my new job. I think you will agree that it was time well spent.

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