Saturday’s Teen Event

Last night, the teens from our church were invisited to a progressive dinner at the homes of several of our elders and our pastor. The teens seemed to enjoy the food, fun, and fellowship. Several people dressed up in funny costumes. We had a two geeks with taped glasses, a car mechanic with grease covered skin, twins in pink striped outfits, someone dressed as duct-tape Caleb, an M&M girl, and none other than Mr. Buckeye Mullet himself.

Pastor Scheiderer ended the evening with a short devotional that fit the moment. Having noted the various costumes worn by the teens, he spoke about wearing the mask of hypocrisy. It’s easy for teens (or any of us) to put on a show by doing what’s expected when what God really wants is our heart. That was a good reminder and one that we have been discussing in youth group recently.

My current demo vehicle at the dealership has been a 2005 Volvo XC90 with seating for five. And since we needed a bigger vehicle to transport kids to each home, my manager gave me permission to drive a 2007 Chevy Tahoe for the weekend. That was the perfect vehicle as we were able to transport seven with plenty of elbow room. Thanks, Steve!

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