Having a bad day?

A recent blog post got me thinking about my attitude.

Frequently when I am asked “How are you doing … or feeling?,” I respond by saying “It depends what I think about!” This may sound a bit evasive, but it is in fact quite literally true. I’ve explained it to my wife this way. It’s like channel surfing. Your emotions often change with the channel, from pleasure to pain, from frustration to hope, from interest to boredom, or from encouragement to annoyance. The profound spiritual joy in that is that no matter what circumstances we face (over most of which we have little or no control), we can choose to put our focus on Christ.

The point is that my attitude is shaped by the thoughts I choose to keep thinking about (Phil. 4:8). If I dwell on my circumstances, I’ll be miserable. But if I turn my gaze to the Lord (Isa. 26:3) and to eternity (2 Cor. 4:16-18), I’ll find peace and contentment. I may have no control over the events of today, but with God’s help I can have a good attitude.

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