Sunday Snapshots

This morning, I had the privilege of speaking at Middlefield Bible Church in Middlefield, Ohio. The regular crew attended and we enjoyed working through the morning Bible lesson from Daniel 3. It was good to see how God used the courageous faith of the three Jewish believers to showcase his supernatural power. The timing was perfect as the king had invited the leadership of every Babylonian province for the occasion. God’s timing is perfect!

For the morning service, I led the congregation through the Chart of Salvation and actually spoke for about 45 minutes! I must be getting old and verbose (or maybe it was because of all the cold medicine I’ve been on?). In any event, they appreciated the message and took a copy of the chart to use it again with their acquaintances.


My sister Laura bought me a stuffed animal Guinea pig for Christmas. It’s a cute reminder of “Buck Buck” my pet Guinea pig from high school. (That’s the one I took into the shower with me that died of pneumonia the next day.) Not to be outdone, I introduced “Buck Buck” to Viggen, our pet Chinchilla. Viggen sniffed him a bit, but wasn’t impressed.

I left Buck Buck in the cage with Viggen before leaving for church this evening and found this peaceful scene when I returned! It just goes to show that you can learn to live with anyone.

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