Time to Repent

While reading through Jesus’ messages to the churches in Revelation, a certain phrase caught my attention:

“And I gave her time to repent…”

The situation involved a woman named Jezebel who claimed to be a prophetess but was teaching the people to commit sexual immorality. Such wickedness did not escape the eye of our all-knowing Lord, and yet he gave her time to repent. With all the harm she was doing to the church at Thyatira, Jesus could have ended her life, removed her, or stopped the problem immediately. And yet, he gave her time to repent of her sin.

God’s timing and mercy are amazing. Think of past instances of God’s patient call to repentance. Noah preached repentance to the wicked world of his time for over 100 years because of God’s mercy. King Ahab (of all people) was given a reprieve when he was sorrowful for his sin. And we who believe have been given God’s loving mercy as well. And yet it still amazes me that God patiently waits for sinful people to repent.

1. Thank God for his mercy to you.
2. Patiently work with someone who needs to repent.

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