What’s in YOUR Outhouse?

Two men arrived on our doorstep today with an interesting proposition. Having noticed the Century home plaque on the front of our house, they wanted permission to dig up the old pit toilets in search of old glass bottles. They even agreed to split anything they found with us. I was a bit leery about two strangers digging in my back yard, but gave them my permission. I guess it was the archaeologist in me.

Look what they found! They unearthed three separate pottery jugs (in pieces), a piece of a Civil War era plate, a bottle of Citrate of Magnesia, and various other shards of pottery and glass. I’m glad we let them do it. It turned out to be quite interesting. And hopefully, we’ll be able to piece together one or more of the jars. Pretty cool.

Then the kids got home from school and a new campaign began. They will all shower tonight. Everyone!

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