2 thoughts on “Giant Marshmallows Invade Painesville!

  1. EggsnGrits

    A great indoor variation: Marshmallow wars.

    My kids each select a marshmallow and put them on a paper plate about 1" apart. They then put toothpicks into the marshmallows to create "arms".


    The marshmallows will grow to huge size and in the process the "arms" will either push into the opposing marshmallow or not. The one with the best "strikes" (most, deepest, etc.) wins.

  2. Andy Rupert

    My brother has a variation called "Peep Jousting" which is similar. You just use marshmallow peeps.

    Better yet were the marshmallow wars we had in our student society in college. When the president got up to give announcements, invariably one of the guys would yell marshmallow fight and we'd all start flinging the sticky blobs acros the lecture hall. It was great! But it was banned when a professor found some in the room when we were done one day.

    My mom gave me a bag of them when our family was staying at Peniel Bible Camp one Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast pelting each other — even our assistant pastor joined in! Fun. Fun. Fun.

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