Junior 1 Camp Messages

Last year, I was invited to speak for this year’s Junior 1 Camp at Peniel Bible Camp. After many months of preparation, the time finally came … and has gone. It was a great time ministering to the third and fourth graders who attended as well as to the various staff members. And from the reports I’ve heard, the Lord used the messages and the follow-up to draw several to himself.

The camp recorded each of the messages as mp3 files. So, if you would like to hear one of them, just click on the title below. I hope that you will find them useful.

  1. Sinful man is deceived.
  2. Sinful man cannot please God.
  3. Sinful man does not seek God.
  4. Sinful man deserves Hell.
  5. God must intervene.
  6. God requires repentance and faith.
  7. God gives assurance through growth.
  8. God saved me for a purpose.
  9. God will take believers home.
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