What is my ministry?

At the end of his epistle to the Colossians, Paul greets a number of specific people. One of them must have neded some encouragement to continue the ministry he had been given.

And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.”
Colossians 4:17

There have been a number of people who have encouraged me to get back into the full-time ministry over the past four years. While I appreciate the kind thoughts, I have often wondered what exactly my ministry should be. God seems to have gifted me with the ability to communicate with children. But I have also enjoyed speaking to small country churches. It would seem that my simple messages resonate with them. That has made me wonder if pastoring a small congregation might be in the future as well. In any event, I’m sure that God will make things plain at the right time.

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