Nevermind who your father is.

Have you ever looked at a child and wondered if he had any chance to turn out right? That must have been the case for those who knew Josiah. His grandfather Manassah was the biblical king of Judah who “sacrificed his own son in the fire” and “shed so much innocent blood that he filled Jerusalem from end to end” (2 Kings 21:6,16). For 55 years he worshiped idols and turned the people of Judah away from the Lord. How would you like him to be your grandfather?

When he died, Amon, one of his remaining sons was made king and continued in the wicked ways of his father. He, too, worshiped false gods and turned the people away from the Lord. Then two years into his reign, he was assassinated by some of his own officials. The citizens of the land killed the assassins and put his eight-year-old son on the throne.

But what chance was there for a boy from such a wicked background? His grandfather murdered his own children and his father was assassinated for being just as wicked. Could such a boy ever please the Lord? The answer is spelled out in 2 Kings 22-23. Several years into his reign young King Josiah found a copy of the Bible and it made all the difference. When he repented of his sin and turned to the Lord, God changed his life! Josiah became one of the godliest kings who ever reigned over Judah.

The point is that it doesn’t matter who your father is. It doesn’t matter what background you have come from. It doesn’t matter what you have experienced whether bad or good. What matters the most is your response to God’s Word. Will you repent of your own sin and turn to the Lord or continue in the sins of those who came before you? If God could save someone from such a wicked background, there is hope for anyone. So … nevermind who your father is. Turn to the Lord.

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