Tabernacle Three

Have you ever been part of a building project? It takes a lot of people to get from the planning stage to building completion. Moses had a similar situation. God had given him specific instructions regarding the tabernacle in which he would be worshiped. However, Moses needed help to get the job done. Thankfully, three things happened that enabled the tabernacle to be built quickly and efficiently.
  1. Foremen — God gave him two men who were specially qualified to lead the work. Bezalel and Aholiab were specially prepared by God with the artistic abilities needed to work with the precious metals, fabric, and clothing. They were able both to lead the work and to make the tabernacle as beautiful as God had intended.
  2. Materials — The people of Israel also contributed the gold, silver, brass, wood, fabric, hides, and many other materials needed for the tabernacle. Where did they get all these items? Some of the items were provided by the Egyptians as the Israelites made their exodus, but others were given from their own personal possessions. The wonderful thing is that the people joyfully gave more than was needed and had to be stopped from giving any more!
  3. Laborers — Two men could not have done this alone. So, many people helped in putting together the various pieces of the tabernacle. Some aided in attaching the curtains to their framework. Others, no doubt, were needed to measure and cut fabric, to place the frames into their stands, to attach the curtain hooks, to lift the heavy furniture, and many other jobs.
Together they got the job done.
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