Disaster or Good?

“Disaster pursues sinners, but the righteous are rewarded with good.”
—Proverbs 13:21

Solomon had it right. Those who choose to continue in sin will eventually face disastrous results. Lying will eventually lead to lack of trust and perhaps the loss of your job. Stealing will eventually lead you to jail. Adultery will eventually ruin your marriage. Coveting will lead to discontentment and financial ruin. When you continue in sin, disaster follows close behind because that’s the way God has set it up. And the ultimate end result of all sin is what God originally prepared for the devil and his angels—the lake of fire.

But the opposite is also true, those who follow God’s righteous ways will be rewarded with good from God. Telling the truth will lead to you becoming a trustworthy person. Being content with what God has given you will keep you from wasting money, will give you a better marriage, and lead to a thankful, happy life. Just think about it for a moment. God’s ways are best because he is the One who designed how life works. So, it makes sense to follow his commands. And the end result for those who believe is not just a good life now. Those who have repented of their sin and received Jesus will enjoy eternity with God forever.

Which way will you choose?

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