Thinking about Contentment

Remember how things were in the Garden of Eden? The Book of Genesis tells how God created the first man and woman for each other and it was good. That relationship was beautiful — a honeymoon in the perfect environment. But was it everything they needed? I don’t think so. As wonderful as marriage is, I don’t think it’s meant to be the source of ultimate happiness.

I think that a lot of people get into marriage with the idea that the other person will make them happy. But when that stops working they look for satisfaction elsewhere. They get involved with someone or something else — always looking for that something else that will bring fulfillment. While there is a certain amount of pleasure involved, the consequences are equally bad. After the trust is broken and the marriage falls apart, they wonder why things didn’t work out and where their happiness went to.

But even those who are faithful to their spouse quickly realize that complete satisfaction isn’t found in marriage. And I think this is the reason. God has designed our lives to be incomplete without him. Someone has said that each person is designed with a hole inside that only God can fill. That doesn’t negate the relationships we have as God is the ultimate designer of all of them. But it is the relationship that affects all others.

I’ve seen how God has changed my attitude as I follow his ways. He’s slowly changing me as I submit to him. And that change makes me a better husband, father, friend, etc. And I’ve found that when I am close to the Lord, I have experienced a contentment that surpasses everything else.

Just my thoughts.

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