God’s Call to Gideon

“There was a man who had a little threshing floor hidden up by a winepress on a mountain top. And his son Gideon was threshing wheat there in a hidden nook away from the sight of his enemies that perhaps what little wheat they had he might save from the Midianites that the family and the household might not starve. And as he was busy on the threshing floor, the angel of the Lord appeared. It’s significant, my young friends, that God’s call nearly always comes to a man when he’s busy about some legitimate task. God, along with all sensible men, has very little use for a man who does nothing. …”

“Why’d you choose me? He’s making this the issue. Not what God is; but what Gideon is. Hear me, friends. The issue is always in every case who God is and what God is, not what you are. Because he is God he has the right to choose as pleases him. And God gives to every man the gift that pleases God to give. And God gives to every man the opportunity that pleases God to give him. And God gives to every man the calling that God pleases to call him to. You have no right to say to God, Why’d you choose me?” You question God’s wisdom, you question God’s power, and you question God’s right, and basically you question God’s love.”

Bob Jones Jr. in Gideon’s Reaction to God’s Call

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