The Answers Book

I’ve been reading a book about creation and evolution entitled, The Answers Book by Ken Ham, Andrew Snelling, and Carl Wieland. The subtitle is, “Answers to the 12 most-asked questions on Genesis and creation/evolution.” If you are looking for one book to answer your questions, this would be a good one to purchase. I’ve read the first five chapters so far and have appreciated the answers given — especially about frozen mammoths, carbon 14 dating, and the six days of creation. There are some things that were over my head (particularly the section on Carbon 14 dating), but the authors go out of their way to make things understandable. (My eight year old is reading it, so it must not be too difficult to understand.)

The copy I am reading was published in 1998. Since then, the book has been updated and made available online. Click here to read the updated 25 questions and their answers. As always, compare the answers to what the Bible says for the best understanding of what God has done.

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