As Different as Elijah and Elisha

Tomorrow’s Sunday School lesson takes us from the ministry of Elijah into that of his replacement, Elisha. Having read the biblical accounts of both, it is quite interesting to see how different the two really were. Elijah was more of a hermit while Elisha was always with people. Elijah called down fire from heaven on his enemies while Elisha fed them and sent them home. And yet, God used both of these men as he saw fit for the circumstances at the time. They were very different but useful to God. (For a further comparison see the online ISBE article “Elisha.”)

Thinking about that ought to give each of us hope that God can use us the way we were created. Some of us are quiet and others loud. Some are good with people while others are more comfortable alone. Some are good speakers and others good listeners. The difference between you and another of God’s servants is not important. He made you the way you are and will put you to use as you allow him to. So, don’t allow your feelings of being different keep you from being a useful part of God’s work where you are. He will use you if you let him.

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