“Wanted Dead or Alive”

After reading several chapters from the Bible Prophecy of Jeremiah, I’m thinking that phrase describes his life fairly well. People wanted him sentenced to death for preaching God’s message (Jer. 24). A king wanted him killed for writing out God’s message (Jer. 36). He was left to die in an empty cistern because certain people didn’t like his message from God (Jer. 38). And yet in each situation, he kept on speaking for God and God kept him safe just as he had promised.

“They will fight against you,
but they shall not prevail against you,
for I am with you, declares the LORD,
to deliver you.” —Jeremiah 1:19

I’m thinking there’s a lesson in that. The biblical accounts of God’s promises being fulfilled in real life are there for a reason. It’s God’s way of saying, “Trust me. I always keep my promises.” In the same way that he kept his promise to Jeremiah almost 2600 years ago, he will keep his promises to you today. Whether it is his promises of eternal life through Jesus (John 3:16), to be with his followers (Matt. 28:18-20), or to continue the work he has begun in you (Phlp. 1:6), you, as a Christian, can trust that he will keep those promises. Trust him today. It will make a big difference.

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