Trenton’s Bible Study

From early on Trenton has been a voracious reader. Sharon used to find him flipping through the phone book one page at a time before he was able to read. And once he learned, he has been trying to read through the entire Bible on his own. That’s a great goal but when he got to the prophets, I tried to steer him toward the gospels as something easier to understand. But he would have none of it. “I want to read the whole Bible.”

Now that he’s nine years old and has made it to Galatians, I wondered how he was doing. “Do you understand what you’re reading, Trenton?” I asked him a few weeks ago. He pouted and responded with, “How can anyone understand this?” The goal of reading through the Bible was almost completed, but he was frustrated not knowing what everything meant. That has motivated me to get up early and write a short explanation each morning to help him out. After the first day, he excitedly told Sharon, “I understand it now!”

I’ve spent almost twenty years teaching the Bible to children and teens. The Lord has used my wife and I to reach many lives with the gospel. But this has got to be one of the greatest joys I have experienced. My own son is understanding God’s Word! And that brings a smile to my face.

It took almost ten months to complete, but finally it is completed. Here is a list of all the Bible Studies for Ephesians:

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