Quick Thoughts re: CCM and Jude 4

I have been thinking about the impact of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) recently. From my perspective, CCM is a dangerous beast as it seeks to promote a form of Christianity that will be acceptable to the world. It has created an attitude of “use whatever it takes to reach the lost.” Over the years, proponents have used everything from sensual crooners to hard rock music to reach their target audiences. Sadly, this worldly philosophy has not led people to repentance and faith but to a continued worldly lifestyle coupled to a watered down form of Christianity.

While exercising this morning, I listened to a message by Dr. E. Allen Griffith in which he talks about the connection between bad doctrine and bad practice. His first stop was Jude 3-4 where the author warns about “ungodly people who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality.” False teachers were promoting the idea that God’s grace allowed for a “free” lifestyle. This lascivious/sensual lifestyle is not something that God intended by giving us his grace. He has given us grace so that we will live godly, self-controlled lives that please him. Sadly, there are still some today who promote that same idea.

Whenever I hear CCM on the local Moody radio station, I think of this. “Why are they using that music style to worship the Lord?” Doesn’t that performer know that his/her breathy voice is more appropriate for the bedroom? While some of this is learned behavior as they have copied the styles of other CCM performers of the past, that doesn’t excuse the error. It still is error. And this eventually conflicts with the gospel as it promotes a salvation devoid of repentance. That’s a serious problem.

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