Trenton’s Bible Study — Ephesians 1:11-12

Paul wanted the Ephesians to know all that God had given them in Jesus. Look for the phrase “in him” or “in Christ” to see the wonderful things God has given to us through faith in Jesus.

Read Ephesians 1:11-12

When a relative dies, you may receive an inheritance. It could be a gift of money, a house, or an item that the relative thought you could use. Paul told the Ephesian believers that in him (in Jesus) they had received something from God. But what had they been chosen to receive? God’s inheritance included their predestination. Predestination means that God chose them before the world began for a specific purpose — that they would find hope in Jesus. Most people do not have hope that they will be forgiven by God. But the Ephesian believers found this hope by repenting of their sins and believing in Jesus. So, instead of feeling sad, they had this hope that made them smile. And because God had given them this hope, they were happy to tell others about God’s glory (how good God is).

  1. What is an inheritance?
  2. What had the Ephesian believers received from God?
  3. What kind of hope were they given?
  4. How did they respond to God’s gift to them?
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