Trenton’s Bible Study — Ephesians 1:15-17

Ever since Paul had heard about the Ephesian believers, he had been praying for them. He wanted them to understand all that God had done for them.

Read Ephesians 1:15-17.

Paul had heard about the Ephesians. They were known for their faith in Jesus and their love for all other believers. Does that make you wonder what people have heard about you? Are you known for your faith in Jesus and your love for other Christians? In any event, Paul kept thanking God for them but continued to pray for them. He wanted God to give them wisdom and revelation in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is so much to learn from Jesus! But in order to learn from him, we need God’s wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge to our every day decisions. We also need God’s revelation. Revelation to something hidden being discovered or revealed. As you study the Bible, ask God to reveal the truth of the Bible to you but also ask him for wisdom so you can apply that knowledge to your life.

  1. What two things had Paul heard about the Ephesian believers?
  2. What two things did Paul do when he heard about them?
  3. What two things did Paul pray that God would give the Ephesian believers?

    a. _______________________________
    b. _______________________________

  4. Why do we need God’s wisdom to learn about Jesus?
  5. Why do we need God’s revelation to learn about Jesus?
  6. Who can you pray for today?
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