Trenton’s Bible Study — Ephesians 2:8-10

Paul wanted them to understand all that God had done for them. And he wanted them to know who was responsible for the change in their lives. It was not their own efforts but what God had done in them.

Read Ephesians 2:8-10

God was extremely kind to love sinful people like us. But how was it accomplished? A lot of people talk about how they did something and then God saved them. But what do these verses say? You were saved by grace. Remember that grace is an undeserved kindness from God. It also involved your faith, but even this is the gift of God. Remember that sinful people don’t seek God on their own; they always choose sin. But when God draws a sinner to himself, he always responds in faith. Note also that our salvation was not given to us because we worked for it. Otherwise, we could boast about what we did. Instead, each of us is God’s workmanship (masterpiece). We are like a beautiful painting that God has been working on. In Jesus we were created to do good works for God after we believed. God had this plan for us even before we became Christians.

  1. Did you do something to deserve being saved?
  2. What is grace?
  3. What is the gift of God?
  4. If given a choice, what do sinful people do?

    a. Sinful people choose to believe God.
    b. Sinful people choose to love their sin.
    c. Sinful people choose to go to church.

  5. What can you do to deserve being saved?
  6. You are God’s workmanship or masterpiece. But what did God create you for?
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