Trenton’s Bible Study — Ephesians 3:1

Paul was so thankful for what God had done that he willingly became a prisoner of Jesus so that the Gentiles could hear the good news of what Jesus had done for them.

Read Ephesians 3:1.

Paul starts out by saying, “for this reason.” He is referring to all that he had written in the first two chapters. Remember all the wonderful things God had given us “in him,” that is, in Jesus? You might want to look back on these things in the previous two chapters. Paul had not forgotten them and neither should we. But Paul also mentioned that he was a prisoner while he was writing this letter to the Ephesians. He called himself a prisoner of Christ Jesus. Because Paul had been preaching the gospel of Jesus, people became angry with him and sent him to prison. Remember the time he was put in jail in Philippi and sang to God until an earthquake set him free (Acts 16:16-40)? Some time after that he was arrested in Jerusalem and put in jail and later was taken to a city called Caesarea. He was in prison there for two years and then was sent to Rome where he was placed under house arrest with a soldier guarding him. He probably had a lot of time in prison to write letters to the different churches. And even though being in prison isn’t very nice, he was proud to be a prisoner for Jesus and because of the wonderful message he had given to the Gentile believers.

  1. What did Paul mean when he said, “for this reason?”
  2. Can you remember some of the wonderful things Paul told the Ephesians in the first two chapters? Write down two of them.

    a. ______________________________________________________
    b. ______________________________________________________

  3. What happened to Paul in Philippi?
  4. In what other cities was Paul put in prison?

    a. __________________________________________
    b. __________________________________________
    c. __________________________________________

  5. What did Paul do while he was in prison?
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