Trenton’s Bible Study — Ephesians 4:25-28

After all that he had explained about God’s work in their lives, Paul wanted the Ephesians believers to stop acting like people who had not been changed by God.

Read Ephesians 4:25-28.

It was wonderful for the Ephesians to know that God had changed them from being in the dark spiritually. But now that they had put on the new self, how were they to act? Paul gave them several specific examples. (1) Christians should speak the truth. This is especially important for Christians because we are members of the Body of Christ. It would not be good to lie to part of your own body. And it is not good to lie to people who don’t know Jesus either. (2) Christians should not let their anger lead to sin. Anger happens when someone does something we don’t like. But a Christian should not have a sinful response to that anger. And we should try to take care of the problem before the sun goes down. Otherwise we may keep thinking about the problem and become so angry that we give the devil an opportunity to influence us to sin. (3) Christians should work instead of stealing. If you need something, you should work for it. That is God’s way. And when you have earned enough money to buy what you need, go even further and give to others who have needs.

  1. Christians should _________________________________________________.
  2. Why is it important to tell the truth to other Christians?
  3. Christians should _________________________________________________.
  4. What could happen if you keep your anger until the next day?
  5. Christians should _________________________________________________.
  6. How could you help other people if you had a job?