Trenton’s Bible Study — Ephesians 5:15-21

Paul had just showed the Ephesians how to walk through life in a loving way. But we should also walk wisely. In this passage he gives several examples of how to do that.

Read Ephesians 5:15-21.

I had a teacher at the Bible Institute of Ohio who always said the same thing when he saw the word “therefore” in the Bible. He would say, “When you see a therefore, stop to see what it’s there for.” The therefore in verse 15 is there to remind you to walk in the Light of Jesus and not in the darkness of sin. With that in mind, we should be wise in how we live our lives especially because there is so much evil around us. And we should make the best use of our time. A foolish person will make poor choices, but a Christian should know and follow the will of the Lord. Here are a few examples of that. (1) Be filled with (controlled by) the Holy Spirit. Drinking beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages can lead to drunkenness where you become out of control. That’s not the way a Christian should act. (2) Be filled with songs about the Lord. The Bible has it’s own songbook of 150 psalms about God. And the average hymnbook has over 500 Christian songs. Sing some of these songs throughout the day and you will find your heart becoming more thankful for what God has done for you. (3) Be filled with thankfulness to God for what Jesus has done for you. Think back to the darkness of sin and be thankful that Jesus has rescued you from not only your sin but the future punishment of Hell. (4) Be filled with humility. When you consider how much Jesus has done for each of us, you should respect him greatly. But even our great King Jesus washed his disciples’ dirty feet. If he did that, shouldn’t we be willing to treat others better than ourselves. Don’t be selfish today; humbly put others first.

  1. What should you do when you see the word, “therefore”?
  2. What was the therefore there for?
  3. List the four commands from verses 18-21.

    a. Be filled with __________________________________________.
    b. Be filled with __________________________________________.
    c. Be filled with __________________________________________.
    d. Be filled with __________________________________________.

  4. Which one is hardest for you? Ask God to help you with that today.
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