Chafer on Eternal Security

“Peter declares that Christ as the Lamb was ‘foreordained before the foundation of the world’ (1 Pet. 1:20); and so great an event could not be left to the uncertainties of human wills. ‘Wicked hands’ crucified the Son of God, but this was according to the ‘determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God’ (Acts 2:23). The salvation of each individual who believes on Christ is no more an accident of human determination than is the death of Christ. The Arminian idea of election to eternal glory on the part of some, is that it includes those who believe on Christ, persevere, and die in the faith, whereas the Scriptures teach that certain men believe, persevere, and die in the faith because of the fact that they are elect and destined to eternal glory.”

Lewis Sperry Chafer, Systematic Theology. Volume III. Soteriology. (Dallas: Dallas Seminary Press, 1948), 281.

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