The Ordinary Christian Life

With a full-time job, there is not as much time to put out carefully thought out articles or to be involved in many ministry projects. But the Lord has impressed upon me while studying Ephesians 2:13-22, that I am still part of God’s household and have a somewhat different but still important role in his church. That especially came across to me as I contemplated these words from a commentary tonight.

We should bear this in mind when we are oppressed with the ordinariness of most Christian living. We hear stories of great Christians of the past or for that matter of the present (when they are usually missionaries toiling against great odds in difficult situations in backward countries or giving themselves in ministry to slum-dwellers or the like). We admire such Christians. We marvel at the grace of God so manifest in their lives—and we wonder why all these wonderful things happen to other people but not to us. It is important to bear in mind that the life of the Christian is not necessarily a series of mountaintop experiences as we toil against fearful odds. For most of us, life is one ordinary day after another. But even in the ordinariness of life we belong to God. We are members of his household, whatever our place in life and whatever our experiences. There is a place for the grace of God in the most ordinary of lives.

Leon Morris, Reflections on the Letter to the Ephesians, 76.

If you have been born again, you also are part of the household of God where you are not known for your race, skin color, social standing, but for the change God has made in your life through Jesus Christ. Each of us stands equally before God on the merits of Jesus who gave his life to reconcile us to God and to make us part of his family. Each day may not contain the excitement of preaching to cannibals, but it still involves being a part of the greatest family that has ever existed. So, embrace where God has you placed you at the moment and rejoice in what he has done for you already.

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