The present results from Adam and Eve’s sin against God

I have been re-reading the Genesis account of Creation and the Fall of man (Genesis 1-3) to refresh my memory as to how mankind got into the mess we are in. Sin, sickness, evil, murder, hatred, violence, and death were unknown to Adam and Eve until they listened to the serpent and disobeyed God. Then they were cursed by God and given serious consequences.
“The effects of sin are punishment and provision. Whereas the man and the woman had life, they now had death; whereas pleasure, now pain; whereas abundance, now a meager subsistence by toil; whereas perfect fellowship, now alienation and conflict.”

Allen P. Ross, “Genesis”, in Bible Knowledge Commentary, (USA: SP Publications, 1985), 32.

What a difference! They lost almost every good thing that they once had. They must have been very disappointed with their decision to disobey God. Thousands of years later we are still affected by their sinful choice. But are we that different from the first people? As a human race, we are aware of God’s truth but reject it for temporary pleasure and anything but what we really need — God himself.
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