After all He’s done for me

When I began studying Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, I knew that it was divided into two sections. But now that we have finished studying the first three chapters in-depth, it makes so much more sense. After all that God has done for us (chapters 1-3), we need to live in way that is befitting of those called to be his children (chapters 4-6).

“Throughout the earlier part of the letter he has been teaching the Ephesians (and us) important truths about God and Christ and the church. Now he turns to the kind of conduct that ought to characterize people who accept those truths. His ‘therefore’ (4:1) is important. Because the things he has been saying in the earlier chapters are true, therefore the Ephesians should live in such-and-such a way. Doctrine for Paul is not a collection of abstract ideas, important only for dry-as-dust theologians in their studies. Doctrine is the systematic setting forth of truths, important truths that Christians live by. Doctrine, truly understood, leads to action; faith and works belong together.”

Leon Morris, Expository Reflections on the Letter to the Ephesians, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1994), 110-11.

So, what has God done that would convince us to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called”? Consider what God has given you in Christ in this list from chapters 1-3:

  1. I am chosen by God (1:4).
  2. I am adopted by God (1:5-6).
  3. I am redeemed by God (1:7-8).
  4. I have knowledge of God’s plan (1:9-10).
  5. I am God’s inheritance (1:11-12).
  6. I am sealed with the Spirit (1:13-14).
  7. I have hope (1:18).
  8. I have great worth to God (1:18).
  9. I have God’s power (1:19-23).
  10. I have spiritual life (2:4-5).
  11. I have a seat in heaven (2:6-7).
  12. I am saved by grace (2:8-9).
  13. I am God’s workmanship (2:10).
  14. I am near to God (2:13).
  15. I have peace with God (2:14-17).
  16. I have a relationship with God (2:17).
  17. I am a member of God’s household (2:19-22).
  18. I am fellow heirs with Jewish believers (3:6).
  19. I have access to God (3:12).
  20. I have inner strength from God (3:16)
  21. I am loved by Christ (3:18-19)
  22. I have a God who can do more than I can imagine (3:20-21)

Considering all that God has done for each one of us, shouldn’t we live our lives in a manner worthy of his calling? He has done exceedingly more abundantly than we could ever have imagined.

After all He’s done for me
After all He’s done for me
How can I do less
Than give Him my best
And live for Him completely
After all He’s done for me

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