How would you describe a Christian?

It would be easy to describe a Christian as someone who has been born again through repentance of sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And that would be true. But when Jesus spoke about his disciples during his garden prayer (John 17), his description was more than that.

  1. They have eternal life through knowing the Father and the Son (3).
  2. They have kept God’s Word (6).
  3. They accept Jesus’ words as from God the Father (7).
  4. They believe that Jesus was sent from God the Father (8).
  5. They are unified through the Father’s name (11-12).
  6. They have joy because of Jesus’ words (13).
  7. They are hated by the world because of God’s word (14).
  8. They are sanctified by God’s truth (17).
  9. They are sent into the world (18).
  10. They are unified so the world will believe the Father sent the Son (20-23).
  11. They are wanted in heaven (24).
  12. They love as God loves (26).
There is much to consider in that list. Does it describe me and you?
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