Thoughts about CCM

There have been many thoughts posted about music recently. One of the recurring ideas is that music is a personal choice based on taste and culture. Another is that the changing culture must be met with a change in ministry method. To some that change requires contemporary popular music styles because it best communicates in the present culture. What I fail to find in these arguments is a definition of music that is acceptable to the Lord.

  • Is my personal taste in music what matters to the Lord?
  • Is it appropriate to choose any music style I like to sing to Him?
  • Does God only care about the heart or does style also concern Him?
  • Is certain music worldly and inappropriate? or is music in fact amoral?

During the discussion, I think we often talk past each other. One person’s definition of CCM may include any form of popular music (heavy metal, rap, jazz, etc.) while others are referring to hymns sung with a country twang. Unless we define what we are talking about, the discussion won’t be very conclusive or helpful.

I think a better discussion needs to take place. And that discussion needs to address things like the way songs are sung, associations, pragmatism, and a definition of good, bad, and better music.

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