Why did God allow the Las Vegas massacre to happen?

The news media has been presenting their solutions for what happened in Las Vegas. After so many people were killed and wounded, some wonder where God was when it all happened. One man angrily responded, “I can’t bow down to a God who allows this kind of stuff to happen. Why does He never show up at the same time evil does?”

A Christian writer answered his questions with two points: (1) Satan was the instigator of what happened – not God. Satan’s constant desire is to influence people with evil and to destroy them. Why, then, should God be blamed for what Satan is doing? (2) We often miss what God does during these tragedies. Did anyone notice how God enabled people to stop the shooter, to rescue the wounded, and bring together the community in the time of need? God was at work during this terrible massacre and without His help, it would have been worse.

But we must also consider a third and more uncomfortable truth. (3) Most people have rejected God and do not want his hand in their lives. During everyday life, many Americans have no use for God. They only mention his name when it is convenient or when they can blame him for a tragedy like this. People tend to want a God who does what they want instead of the One who requires submission to His will. So, how can He be blamed by those who reject Him on every other day of the week?

We may never completely understand why God allows tragedies to take place. However, we must not forget that Satan’s influence and man’s sinfulness are to blame for what happened this time. God is against evil, but it still exists and causes harm to many. Please remember that God is good and desires what is best. We may wonder why this happened, but perhaps the more important question is whether we are willing to turn from our wicked ways and trust Him.

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