What boys read in 1914

During a trip to the local Goodwill store, I found an old book under the glass display case. The book is called The Capture and Pursuit by Roger T. Finlay and seems to be part of a series called The Wonder Island Boys. I have only read the first few chapters, so I can’t tell you if I would recommend it. However, it was interesting to stumble across this section on pages 50-51.

The Professor smiles at the remembrance, as he said: “That might be called the ‘tree of life’ in our case. It has been said that trees and wood saved the world twice.”

“How?” asked several of the boys in concert.

“John Evelyn said, ‘Trees and woods have twice saved the world, first by the Ark, then by the cross; making full amends for the evil fruit of the tree in Paradise, by that which was borne on the tree at Golgotha.'”

That was not something I expected after a battle with savages in the previous chapters. But it was a nice surprise. Most adventure books, even the original Tom Swift and Hardy Boys novels, had only veiled references to church attendance on Sundays. But for some reason, this book added something rather direct. It would be nice to find a good series of adventure books for children and teens which point people to Jesus.

A current option is what Karen Meyer has been writing over the past few years. Her historical novels are well written and interesting. You can see her books and profile here.

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