What do an Old Testament prophet and an NBA star have in common? Both men suffered from depression.

In a recent interview, DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors opened up about his bouts with depression. He was recently chosen to be an All-Star and his team currently holds the best record in the Eastern Conference. Despite his success, he still battles with depression.

The prophet Elijah had just experienced a miracle on Mount Carmel. God had answered his prayer by sending fire from heaven in front of a wide-eyed crowd (1 Kings 18:20-40). But the next day, a message from an enemy triggered his depression and he was ready to give up. Read the next chapter to see how God helped Elijah.

  1. How did depression affect Elijah?

    a. It came after an emotional high (19:1).
    b. It was triggered by a threat (19:2).
    c. It made him want to quit (19:4).
    d. It caused him to think he was alone (19:10,14).

  2. How did God respond to Elijah?

    a. He met his physical needs (19:5-7).
    b. He asked him a question (19:9,13).
    c. He gave him something to do (19:15-17).
    d. He revealed his wrong thinking (19:18).

  3. How should we treat depression?

    a. Consider the person’s physical condition.
    b. Carefully ask questions and then listen.
    c. At the right time, expose wrong thinking.

God has not blessed every Christian with medical, psychological, or counseling expertise, but each of us has the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and the wisdom given to us by Christ himself. As we interact with people who are depressed, let us follow God’s example and lovingly work with them with the hope that God will help. And let us continue to pray for God’s wisdom as we seek to know what is best to say and do in each situation.

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