How important do you think I am?

After a failed assassination attempt, the king had these noble words for his concerned friends:

“A king cannot live shut up in a box. The wicked have not so much power as ill-will, and confidence in God is the best safeguard. Then I do not consider this danger to be so formidable. Besides, if the project of this man had succeeded, the loss of me would not have caused you so much misfortune as you believed, for God knows perfectly well how long he wishes to employ my frail arm. If I fall, he will raise up another instrument more worthy and more powerful than I. His work does not depend upon the life of one man.”

-Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden (1594-1632)

As quoted by C. A. Lacroix in Gustavus Adolphus a Hero of the Reformation

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