Giving to the Lord

Giving to the work of the Lord is not something that I like to talk about. Many have been turned off by churches asking for donations. However, as I studied Exodus 35 today, and read about the voluntary giving of God’s people, I came across these words directed toward Christians.

“However dear may have been their earthly treasures to their hearts, yet the love of Christ will relax their tenacious grasp upon them, and they will be willing, at the call of duty to part with that which they most value, and deem it a privilege to give up their all to him who has bought them with his blood. …

Well may it shame the world and the church that a concern for trifles crowds out these great objects from their minds; that their own petty interests take precedence of the infinite and eternal interests of God and his kingdom.”

Convicting words.

George Bush, Exodus Vol. 2, Minneapolis: James & Klock, 1852, reprint 1976, p. 271.

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