Serve the Lord with gladness

While studying Psalm 100 for Sunday morning, I came across these thoughts about serving the Lord with gladness.

“But in Hebrew as in English, service is indivisible; it is a word which leaves no gap or choice between worship and work. (We find this confirmed, incidentally, in practice, in that praise and prayer go stale in isolation, and activity goes sterile.)” –Derek Kidner

His point is that serving the Lord with gladness is the only way it properly works. If we are trying to serve the Lord without joy, it will become a tedious activity. But if we try to find joy apart from serving the Lord, we will find emptiness. By God’s design, we must mingle joyfulness and action to truly serve the Lord.

In other words, “We enter God’s temple not because of duty but because we love him; remembering all his goodness to us, we enter his presence with praise and pleasure.” –W. A. Shelton.

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