Simple Sermons from Exodus

If you have ever preached through a long book of the Bible or have listened to a long series of sermons from a book of the Bible, you probably know both the benefit of the study and the relief when it is finally completed. It takes a lot of work, prayer, and thinking to go through such a study. At the beginning of 2022, I began preaching through the Book of Exodus at Calvary Baptist Church of Willard. The series has finally come to a conclusion in January of 2023.

I have compiled a list of links below to each sermon manuscript. They are written in outline form with full paragraphs with the hopes that they can easily be read and also used in the future. If you examine the links, you may notice that one is hand-written, that several chapters are not in the list (1-4, 20-23), and that some chapters are doubled up. If I am able to find the notes to the missing sermons, I may add them at a later date. However, I think I will rest for a while before attempting that.

May God be glorified by what was accomplished. And may God bless the congregation who so graciously received the sermons without complaint.

Exodus 5
Exodus 6
Exodus 7
Exodus 8
Exodus 9
Exodus 10

Exodus 11-12
Exodus 13
Exodus 14
Exodus 15
Exodus 15:22-27
Exodus 16
Exodus 17
Exodus 18
Exodus 19

Exodus 24
Exodus 25-27
Exodus 28
Exodus 29

Exodus 30-31
Exodus 32
Exodus 33
Exodus 34
Exodus 35
Exodus 36
Exodus 37
Exodus 38
Exodus 39
Exodus 40

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