Tim Keller

This is an ongoing list of articles about Tim Keller and his teaching.

Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople – In this lengthy article, Keller argues that Christians can believe in evolution because Genesis 1 was poetry/prose not to be taken literally.

Christians can believe in Evolution? – a video of Keller acknowledging several orthodox views that accept evolution as true

Do you believe there’s only one way to God? – Tim Keller’s answer during an interview with Martin Bashir. His answer uses arguments but no Scripture and leaves the door open for a theological trap door. (2008)

Tim Keller’s False Gospel – In this article, the author quotes Tim Keller in an interview and his publications. From my first reading, it seems that Keller is interested in making the gospel palatable to the culture so as to win them over. From the little I have read of him, he seems to rely on arguments more than the Bible. The article also gives a quote from someone who left his church after twenty years because he finally recognized the bad theology being taught.

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